Brand story

Brand story

  • Start from scratch, start a business hard

    The founder of the company, Mr. Wu Huiming, was originally a staff member of a public institution. When he visited the market in the autumn of 1988, he discovered that many people in coastal areas would choose second-hand wires used abroad instead of domestic products when buying wires at homes. Everyone feels that foreign quality is more reliable. This scene touched him deeply. He made the most important decision in his life, abandoning the enviable "iron rice bowl", set up a business in the sea, and made wire products that the common people could trust! October 1st is National Day, and it is also a memorable day. On this day, with the support and encouragement of family and friends, Mr. Wu Huiming formally established [Mingxin Wire Factory].
  • Set sail and develop rapidly

    At the beginning of its establishment, Mr. Wu Huiming's integrity and integrity impressed many distributors of wire and cable, and the products quickly opened up a market. During the Spring Festival in 1992, Mr. Wu Huiming sent his younger brother, Mr. Wu Huixin, to lead three employees to open up territory in the Pearl River Delta region. A group of four of them, with a BB machine, a bicycle, and a motorcycle, sells and delivers goods during the day, and loads and unloads the goods from the factory at night. The conditions are very difficult. Thanks to everyone's efforts, good sales performance has been achieved. In August of that year, Mr. Wu Huiming provided everyone with a mobile phone and an Isuzu car. Mingxin Wire Factory has made rapid development since then!
  • Second entrepreneurship, brand upgrade

    Mr. Wu Huiming was uneasy about the status quo. In 1998, he pushed hard to dissuade him and decided to relocate the company as a whole to Dongguan, the fertile land of manufacturing in the country. In 2000, when the trademark was registered, the [Mingxin] brand was upgraded to [Minxing Cable]. This brand upgrade represents the beautiful meaning of national rejuvenation and also gave Minxing Cable a greater mission. Since then, Minxing Cable began to take root in Dongguan, based in Guangdong, and spreading across the country.
  • Go abroad and realize your ambitions

    He has never forgotten the scene of people willing to buy second-hand wires from abroad in the early days of his business. In 2006, he set up an export team. The products have been inspected by international authoritative institutions and have been recognized by the international market. He began to export wire and cable products to more than 30 countries around the world such as the United Kingdom, Australia, and New Zealand. Aspirations in the early days of the business.
  • Do not forget the original intention and move forward

    After more than 30 years of precipitation, Minxing has become a world-class wire and cable company. Up to now, Minxing Cable has branch offices in 30 provincial regions across the country and has become a leading brand in the domestic cable industry. In 2021, the international superstar [Yen Zidan] will serve as the brand spokesperson, forming a good brand image of "voting for the people, more security,more assured"! In the future, Mr. Wu Huiming and the management team will not forget their original intentions, with the corporate mission of "lighting up the lights of thousands of families, and transmitting light to more families", forge ahead and focus on making wire and cable products that make people more assured!