Minxing Cable has always been a company that pays attention to environmental protection. Since its establishment 33 years ago,
Always put the concept of green environmental protection throughout the development, insist on promoting high-efficiency and energy-saving production through technological innovation, and empower a green and low-carbon life through product innovation.

Research and develop low-smoke and halogen-free products to empower green life

Mingxian Cable leads the research and development team to develop low-smoke halogen-free wire and cable products through technical research. The products use longer than traditional wires and cables, have higher temperature resistance, and are low-smoke and non-toxic when burned, creating a more green and environmentally friendly life for the people Way, leading the new fashion of home improvement and health.

Replacing copper with aluminum to protect natural resources

Faced with the relative lack of domestic copper resources, Minxing Cable has overcome rare earth aluminum alloy cable technology and launched a new generation of rare earth aluminum alloy cable products to solve the weaknesses of traditional aluminum cables that are easy to oxidize and have poor mechanical properties. Core technologies.

Mineral insulated fire-resistant cables escort the fire-fighting system

With the continuous escalation of the country's consumer requirements, Minxing Cable took the lead in the industry to introduce mineral insulated fire-resistant cable products, which can continue to burn in a 950°C flame for 3 hours without electricity, escorting the fire protection system.

The product has passed the EU RoHS environmental protection test

In the case of the widespread use of traditional materials in the industry, Minxing Cable has made its retail home improvement wires all provincial-level through the EU RoHS environmental protection home improvement wires, demonstrating the responsibility of large enterprises.

50m "small package" solves the waste problem

For the retail home improvement market, 100 meters/roll of wires are commonly used, and large squares of wires are generally not used up, resulting in waste. Ming Hing took the lead in launching a 50-meter "small package" environmentally friendly home improvement wire, spreading a more economical and environmentally friendly life concept for consumers, and actively fulfilling corporate social responsibility.

Continue to create a better life for the common people

People’s yearning for a better life is the goal and motivation of Minxing Cable. For more than 30 years, Minxing Cable has always taken "lighting up the lights of thousands of families and transmitting light to more families" as its corporate mission and insisting on serving the common people. Provide more high-quality, environmentally friendly products and services!