social activity

Over the past 30 years since its establishment, Minxing Cable has been concerned about the society, actively participated in or initiated a number of social welfare activities, promoted the main theme, and delivered positive energy.

Free maintenance line for residents in the community

Minxing Cable organizes technical professionals from time to time to go to the community to provide line maintenance services to residents, popularize safety knowledge, and carry forward the volunteer spirit of "dedication, friendship, mutual assistance, and progress".

Promote school-enterprise cooperation and support the development of school physical education

As a school-enterprise cooperation unit, Minxing Cable has participated in the Guangzhou University Scholars School of Civil Engineering and Guangdong University of Technology Sports Games as a sponsor for many years.
Use practical actions to support the development of school physical education.

Actively participate in the town's epidemic prevention and control work

It is the duty of the whole people to fight the epidemic. In the face of the raging new crown pneumonia epidemic, Minxing Cable took the initiative to launch social volunteer activities to support the nationwide nucleic acid testing emergency operation,
Fully support the prevention and control of the epidemic in Fenggang Town, and fulfill the responsibility of the enterprise.

Practicing green environmental protection and helping to create a civilized city

Minxing Cable is well aware of the relationship between enterprise and social development, actively play the leading role of party members and league leaders, and cooperate with volunteers to go to industrial areas and crowded places to clean up garbage, and advocate a new style of civilized and environmental protection.
To help Fenggang Town to create a civilized city and contribute to the company's meager power.

Initiate social volunteer services to promote positive energy

The Minxing Cable Party Branch took the lead in social volunteer service activities and organized nearly a hundred events to promote positive social energy.
Volunteer activities have won the unanimous affirmation of the government and society in Fenggang, Dongguan, and have become an important force for the volunteer team in Dongguan.