Message from the Chairman

Message from the Chairman

Dongguan Minxing Cable Co., Ltd. is a large-scale modern enterprise specializing in R&D, production and sales of wires and cables. It is a team that strives for harmony, is brave in innovation, and pursues excellence.
For more than 30 years, we have always been adhering to the corporate mission of "lighting up the lights of thousands of families and transmitting light to more families",
With the corporate vision of "building a respected world wire and cable brand", we are committed to providing users with high-quality and safe products and advanced solutions.
More than 10 million households have been lit up in total, and we are proud and motivated by this!

Along the way, Minxing Cable is full of gratitude. We are grateful for the tolerance of the innovative city of Dongguan. Its openness, sharing, pragmatism, and enterprising have nurtured the hard work spirit of the people of Minxing who dare to venture and fight;
We are grateful for the support of this great era. The spring breeze of reform and opening up is like a "timely rain", allowing Minxing to be fully nourished by sunshine and rain;
We are grateful for the ever-changing industrial environment, the rise of the Internet, new technologies, and new economies,Not only has it nurtured a broader and more promising development space, but also inspired the people of Minxing to remain innovative and enterprising!

For a long time, Minxing Cable is well versed in the responsibilities and missions of corporate citizens, and actively fulfills corporate social responsibilities.
Strive to build a community of human destiny that is composed of consumers, customers, employees, enterprises and the whole society, interdependent, and sustainable development.Eventually achieve the overall development goal of multi-party win-win!

Riding the wind and breaking the tide, it is time to set sail.Standing at a new starting point, we will continue to adhere to the corporate mission of "lighting up the lights of thousands of families and transmitting light to more families",
Adhere to the original intention of "do a good job of every wire and cable with your heart", ride the wind and waves, forge ahead, and strive to build a leading wire and cable production base in the country.
Provide better products and services for thousands of households and create more beautiful lives!

The line is coming, and the future can be expected. Let us go hand in hand, continue to surpass, build new career dreams, and continue to develop new glory!

                                                                         —— Chairman Minxing      Wu Huimin