Charitable donation

Minxing Cable has always been adhering to the enterprise spirit of "selfless dedication and gratitude",Enthusiastically participate in various public welfare and charities in the society!

Love Sangzi, Heart Hometown

Treating hometown with gratitude and selfless dedication. Harden rural roads, repair schools, build bridges, repair rural ancestral halls, and revitalize sangzi.

Vigorously support hometown education

Enthusiastic about education. Establish a special scholarship for Ecui Primary School; participate in the Education Development Promotion Association of Mianhu Middle School and design the Kumho Middle School Scholarship for Teaching;

Participated in the Mianhu Second Middle School Development Promotion Association, established the Mianhu Second Prize Teaching Scholarship; participated in the donation of the Fengjiang Middle School sports field, etc.

Give generously to poor students in their hometowns, encourage outstanding teachers and students, and vigorously support the development of education in their hometowns.

Actively donate and give love

There is love in the world. When the Wenchuan earthquake in 2008 and Yushu earthquake occurred in 2010, Minxing Cable actively organized donations and made a contribution to the enterprise.

Aid to help and give back to the society

Support the revitalization of the "Ten Thousand Enterprises Help Ten Thousand Villages" charitable education and assistance activities in the rural areas of Guangdong, and actively donate money and materials to give back to the society. Up to now, Minxing Cable has donated nearly 10 million RMB to social charity.